VET Efficient Pricing

VET Efficient Pricing


The NSC has been tasked by the Australian Government to develop national efficient prices for VET courses. 

Currently VET prices, subsidies and fees vary considerably around Australia, with students paying different prices for the same course. 

A more nationally consistent approach to pricing provides the opportunity for simpler, more transparent VET pricing arrangements that balance consistency with local needs.

As part of the NSC’s work to develop efficient prices, we are surveying RTOs about their costs of delivering training.

This project is critical to ensure that the work delivered by the NSC reflects the experiences of RTOs and that any chosen pricing model reflects both quality outcomes for learners and value for money for governments and users.

Input from a range of RTOs is essential because an efficient price is not the lowest price. It is the price that provides the quality outcome that students, industry and governments expect and deserve.

The NSC has commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to assist us with this work.

If you have any questions about the NSC’s efficient pricing work, please email the NSC at

Contact for all queries relating to the completion of the study.